Behavioural scientist and digital strategist in the East African creative sector.

I am passionate about social impact and this drives me to find some kind of balance in my work between projects that have impact and those which bring in money – I’m a happy bunny when a project does both – but that’s rare!

I work in two or three sectors, but in my head, they are all connected.  My web skills originally came out of my work in teaching & eLearning and my interest in change has developed from getting to understand how people learn (or don’t) and from living in parts of the world where change is particularly difficult.

In matters of music and film, this comes from my drive for social impact, to change the messages or peoples response to them. Human nature is unpredictable and irrational – which messages and how they are communicated is at the heart of change and at the core of creativity – messages are often communicated more efficiently and deeply through images and video – and thats at the heart of what I do.

I developed and currently run a free video portal for Kenyan creatives, helping them as a collective to be more visible – this came out of frustrations with a poorly resourced and disconnected creative sector in Kenya.

We see through our own lens and reinterpret, we don’t accept the status quo.

Change comes from disruption, even at a personal level. So for me, whether we’re talking about social revolution, learning or marketing yourself to make a better business, the mechanics are all similar.