Digital Strategy & Change in the East African Creatives Sector

Working directly with creatives based in East Africa, the aim is to have an impact on growth and exposure. Be it, through workshops, consulting, or creating assets; it’s a strongly impact oriented approach, specifically tailored to the unique challenges of the developing creative sector in East Africa.

Digital strategy is becoming an increasingly valuable offering in East Africa; it’s about leveraging all the digital touch points with audiences, to align with business goals. In the creative sector this can be a powerful tool, because it values identity (brand) alongside objectives – for artists/creative organisations it’s just as much about getting known (improving reach) as moving product. Shifting the focus from social media reactiveness to proactive thoughtful approaches to bring real engagement and exposure.

A major goal is in helping to build knowledge and understanding, by many different means, so that organisations and individuals in the creative sector in East Africa can move towards sustainability, profitability, improved exposure and success.

Digital Alchemy is a term I’ve been using to describe the way digital strategy and digital marketing combined with some of the latest thinking in behavioural science, brings better results. As a behavioural scientist I am as much concerned with change at the ‘creative end’ as on the ‘results end’. Helping creatives to use ‘digital’ more effectively to promote themselves, their products, professionalize and monetize. This is deeply rooted in an understanding of how the creative sector works in East Africa and it’s specific challenges, alongside how access to global audiences and markets needs to be facilitated.


“The digital strategy Jude put together for Santuri at Sondeka festival in 2015 added a dimension to our project that we could hardly have imagined. Not only did we reach more people than we could have hoped for, but her work engaged both artists, staff and audiences in a profound way. We are still reaping the benefits of her work from last September.”     – David Tinning, Co-founder of Santuri East Africa

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