Digital Behaviour & Change in the East African Creatives Sector

Working mainly with not-for-profit and social enterpise organisations or directly with creatives based in East Africa, the aim is to have an impact on growth and exposure. Be it, through training, consulting on digital strategies, creating assets for deepened understanding and promotion or developing a strong web presence. Whatever the product or service, it’s a strongly goal oriented approach, specifically tailored to the unique challenges of the developing creative sector in East Africa.

Joose digital is a full-service provider, often working with creatives or organisations new to online, guiding them through the process and tailoring or staging the solutions to fit the budgets and/or constraints of their project/s.  Copywriting, photography, graphics, video, strategy, training, social media management, SEO, branding, web design and ongoing maintainance, digital strategy can all be part of the offer.

Ideally every organisation or creative needs a website, but not everyone can afford one or has the skills to manage it. Joose digital looks at alternatives creatively, keeping the end goals in balance with budget and other constraints. Impact and strategic goals are always the main focus.

Digital strategy is becoming an increasingly valuable offering in East Africa, it’s about leveraging all your digital touch points with your audiences to align with your business goals. In the creative sector this can be a really powerful tool, because it values identity (brand values) alongside objectives – for artists/creative organisations it’s just as much about getting known (improving reach) as moving product. Shifting the focus from social media reactivenss to proactive thoughtful approaches to bring real engagement.

“The digital strategy Jude put together for Santuri at Sondeka festival in 2015 added a dimension to our project that we could hardly have imagined. Not only did we reach more people than we could have hoped for, but her work engaged both artists, staff and audiences in a profound way. We are still reaping the benefits of her work from last September.”     – David Tinning, Co-founder of Santuri East Africa

Something else…

The architecture of change

The backbone of my work in East Africa has been about researching change. I realised from years in eLearning, that where social impact or behaviour change were objectives of the learning, that other variables were in play other than being able to recall valuable methods or information. As a behavioural scientist, researching in a geography where change is particulary difficult, I have started to understand that a lot of thinking about how real change happens was myth rather than fact. The research has been largely ad hoc, qualitative and anecdotal but coming through is a serious model.


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